Playboy Bunny Massage $120

Lingerie cut AND massage $160

Spa Treatment $200   

I will not answer questions beyond appointment time and location. I do not quote pricing over the phone.If you have always wanted to meet me, but never had the chance, then do it now. I am the safest introduction to a world of curiosity that exists for you...tell me all your taboo secrets, the ones not spoken to anyone else... let them go... you will  be invigorated as you leave them here, If it's a one time bucket list idea, or a monthly session you wish to establish, let me guide you safely there. Prepare to meet the T girl of your dreams at my private, discreet location in between the cities of Charlottesville and Harrisonburg Virginia. I am a state board certified, licensed  barber/cosmetologist .I perform men's haircuts and massage all in the finest Fredericks Of Hollywood lingerie. I am a skilled barber be it scissor or clipper cuts and specialize in military fades. "COSMETOLOGY CONSULT" 30 minute session done in lingerie (of course). We address any skin and hair needs for you with product assignation includes haircut OR.massage $140.00, My spa massage is on a crisp clean sheet. I use a blend of scented and unscented oils with aromatherapy, Complete comfort is assured. "PAMPARED PRINCE "  package includes a lingerie haircut, style and massage. $160.00 the session does not exceed 45 minutes."KING FOR A DAY" package includes lingerie haircut and massage, professional facial, bubble bath in my cast iron claw foot tub. $200.00 for a  60 minute session. Over the course of 2 years I have had my face surgically altered to mimic a genetic girl. In additional to my facial surgeries I added full c cup silicone gel implants to the natural breasts I had grown as part of my hormone replacement therapy. I am one of the lucky girls in that estrogen has never had an ill affect on my remaining male anatomy. All of my equipment is inspected, clean and in working order. My preferred hours are daytime Monday through Friday 12pm-5pm. I do not overbook myself. This is to guarantee my freshness and genuine interest in your experience. My goal is to provide you with the best service possible. I am available Saturday and Sunday but on a more limited schedule. I am a luscious Lady Boy!  If you are interested in the unknown then I am your girl. Shemales are what celebrities and business tycoons crave. A rare diamond, I am white, non smoking, fit, clean and sober. I am educated but not arrogant and can carry on a conversation. I love what I do, and it shows! Please understand that I chose this career and am by no means desperate for clientele. I won't allow myself to be made uncomfortable. Home salon only (unless you feel like flying me to LA, or Las Vegas both of which HAS been done!)   Fees are clearly posted here and in my ads. In closing  I would like to say that explicit talk will not be tolerated... this means ANY (and I mean any!) questions or comments about my service that contain sexual overtones or innuendo (be it text/phone/email) will result in the immediate termination of current or future contact with me. In other words if you ask me about "happy endings" what will be "ending" will be our conversation and even the CHANCE of ever meeting me. Stay safe. Have fun. Come see me :) You are getting a lingerie haircut and massage... from a licensed professional....

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